Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Trading Secrets

Our honeymoon was before the wedding. We secretly met at coffee-shops and movie-halls. He touched my breast during ‘Gone Girl’. He kissed me. We giggled like teenagers.
We went to Singapore after the wedding, a four-night package. His parents and younger brother came along, my younger sister too. Those two kids went missing for four hours on day two. I was told not to tell my parents. There really was not much to tell. The kids just got bored of the package tour. 
In those first few months, every week brought out a secret. He has a crazy gene, quite a few close ones gone cuckoo. I offered my murderous relatives in return. A month before our wedding, a cousin hacked his wife and three kids before hanging himself. We did not share that with our folks. Most probably, they know.
In Singapore, I asked him if he had a love. He nodded. I asked him if it was in the past. He hesitated before nodding. I believed him because of that hesitation. He did not ask me.
A few weeks later, I came across an old diary of his. He mentioned a Jasmine. I once knew a guy with that name. I could not ask him if his Jasmine is a guy. I thought of telling him about my old love, offering a fair exchange.
I met his Jasmine at a shop. He introduced me to a happy mother of three. I aborted my planned trade.

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