Sunday, August 28, 2016

Children's Show

The two judges stood at the back of the dark hall. The stage was brightly lit. The kids stood silently. Most looked on the verge of tears but too scared to cry. Some tried to look brave. All were just kids, cute kids.
“Why are there girls?” the lean judge asked.
“They thought we might want to check them out,” the chubby one said. “Idiots…”
“Can’t really fault them,” the other muttered, “the kids we chose so far could be a son or a daughter.”
“So, which one…how about that one on the far left…the one trying to hide?”
“Good choice.”
“So, what’s the scene? Can’t use the beach or bombed buildings…”
“This time let’s pick two.”
“Wouldn’t that be overkill?”
“Let one behead the other. How about that big guy there…?”
“He looks too sweet.”
“Make him wear a mask.”
“Hmmm…that should touch a heart or two…”
“What their kids do to ours…”