Wednesday, June 24, 2015


‘I love you,’ she said.
‘I don’t,’ he said, without hesitation.
‘Stop joking,’ she said.
‘I am not joking,’ he said.
‘Ok, why not?’ she asked.
‘Why do I have to give reasons?’ he grumbled.
‘I am not asking for too much,’ she reasoned.
‘I don’t want to have kids,’ he said
‘What’s that got to do with loving me?’ she asked.
‘I know that you want kids,’ he said.
‘I will take care of them. My parents will help too,’ she said.
‘But, I will have to work more. And, I will lose my independence,’ he listed.
‘How sweet,’ she cooed.
‘I am sure you will stop loving me after a week,’ he muttered.
‘I will not,’ she told him.
‘Ok then. I love you,’ he mumbled.
‘Will you marry me?’ she asked.
‘Yes,’ he replied.

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