Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Before The Ladder

The sea was rough. The boat from the island to the ship was going against the tide.
Philip, the stout fourteen year old sitting near the surly boatman, shouted, ‘Two died recently on such a trip...’
Nilesh, the staunch atheist, prayed. The boys in that row and the next joined him. One boy screamed when he lost his cap.
Mani and Sundar were in the last seat, holding to the sides and the seat, knuckles white.
‘If you could listen to music, which will you choose?’ Sundar asked.
‘Theme music of Little House on the Prairies,’ Mani replied, ‘you?’
‘Clapton, Wonderful tonight…’
‘Will always remember the night I heard that… with you…’
‘Me too...’
Mani placed his right hand over Sundar’s left.

At the ship’s ladder, the schoolboys were back to their loud, brave selves.

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