Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chance Encounter

‘I can’t take it anymore,’ she cried.
‘What’s wrong? Tell me, maybe I can help,’ her friend said.
‘It’s my hubby.’
‘Maybe, you can help me.’
‘Your hubby is my hubby’s best friend, right? They went to the same school and college, right? Maybe, he knows...’ 
‘Knows what?’
‘Oh, it is so embarrassing.’
‘Come on, it’s me.’
‘You know that my hubby writes, or, tries to write, right?’
‘Go on…’
‘He writes about the same thing over and over.’
‘Some artists paint the same picture over and over.’
‘It is always about a chance encounter.’
‘With a woman…?’
‘Of course…’
‘Why does that worry you?’
‘It’s always the same plot. He comes across a woman, by chance, nearly a one-night stand, and they fall in love.’
‘Tragic or happy ending…?’
‘Oh boy…’
‘He must have experienced something like that. Oh, I feel like a second-hand wife.’
‘Come on, it is a common male fantasy.’
‘Sure, like watching lesbians make love.’
‘They like watching that?’
‘Oh yes.’
‘But, there can’t be smoke without fire, right?’
‘Do you know something that I don’t?’
‘About our hubbies, of course…’
‘Come on, tell me…’
‘When they were in college, they came across a girl. She was smart and solid.’
‘Very sure about everything, you know…’
‘Oh! How did their paths cross?’
‘They were in some right-wing group.’
‘They wanted to be different. It wasn’t like now, you know. Right-wingers were a minority then.’
‘No wonder she was solid. Right-wingers are so sure about everything.’
‘Not our hubbies, though.’
‘Was she a lesbian too?’
‘Well, she was smart.’
‘So, he is still fixated on her, huh?’
‘Just accept it. No point fighting that.’
‘How can I win against a right-wing lesbian?’

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