Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ain't Keen On


Great walls make great neighbors,
A wise guy said of his three-foot stone-wall.
Man, you need a twelve-footer,
Barbed wire at the top, better electrify that.

The lass next door called me Peeping Tom,
She was lucky, me a gentleman and all,
Bro, I should have given her a black eye,
At fourteen, I was a saint, I swear!

I shifted but neighbors never change.
Remember? You me on that fourth floor balcony,
Sipping rum, eating banana and a careless peel
Carefully fell on the head of the woman next door.

You did escape before Armageddon.
How she and her ugly hubby
Accused me of abusing her!
Next time, it will be the bottle, I thought.

Man, I never recovered from such!
Another lass another land,
Knocked at my door, entered,
Pointed at my balcony, déjà vu!

I protested, ‘I no banana!’
The lovely lass from the flat above
Picked up some under thingy,
Cooed good night, she left

Me singing the chorus, ‘I banana,’
And I promised myself
A kick on my backside,
But, man, neighborly love is rare.


I hate arguing with women.
When they can’t win,
They make me feel like a loser.
It’s the same with men
I ain’t keen on loving them.

I met this lovely lady and we argued
About love and war; not silly wars
With brave hearts and dumb dead;
The real wars that follow love;
We ain’t keen on fighting.

We too do it, I say.
Bah! They too do it he says, she says.
We too love, you know, I stutter.
But life’s fine, she asks,
You ain’t keen on loving, right?

What’s the big deal, I retort.
She gives that look.
Man, where I come from, she says,
We have no choice
We ain’t keen on loneliness.

Same here, I say.
Same here he says, she mocks.
I feel so small.
All I want to do is love
But she ain’t keen on me.

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