Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thoughtful Friends

A man looked at his friend thinking, ‘How can he be such a blind fool? He actually believes that that politician is the answer to everything and that the rival is good for nothing. It is all black and white for him! God! Is there a sane man who thinks that politicians can be anything but various shades of black? It must be his kind that shoots down fifty or hundred political protestors.’
The friend returned a bemused look musing, ‘God! In this day and age, how can anyone believe in a religion? If you believe in yours, surely you have to believe in that of others too! But, look at this idiot. For him, his religion and his god make sense and everything else is crap. His temple is fine but not that of the others. He and his ilk will find no wrong in killing innocent women and kids for bloody religion.’
The two friends sat together pondering silently, ‘How can he be so nice to my wife and be a brute to his own wife?’

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