Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vada with Chutney on Top

“This post could be about us,” Amar told his friends. When the other two did not respond, he read it aloud, “We used to be Amar, Akbar and Antony. Now, we are Hindu, Muslim and Christian.” He looked at his disinterested friends and said, “So true. These are sad times.”
“What’s his name?” Antony asked Amar, pointing at Akbar.
“Akbar,” Amar replied.
“No, his full name…”
“Akbar M.”
“It’s Akbar Menon, you fool,” Antony said. “And, his sister’s name is Anastasia N. previously M., Anastasia married to some Nair.”
“Bloody hell…!” Amar exclaimed. He looked at Akbar, “Your dad crazy or what!”
“Aren’t they all?” Akbar said.
“But you are a proper Antony, aren’t you?” Amar turned to Antony.
“Oh yes, Antony Gonzales, son of a Big B fan. His last words to me were: I have mother, you have nothing.”
“Was that true?” Amar asked.
“Of course not, his mother was dead twenty years, mine has still got that many left,” Antony said.
“She may not be your mother,” Akbar said.
Antony threw a vada with chutney on top at Akbar.
“So, what are you actually?” Amar asked.
“That’s top secret,” Antony said.
“Come on, out with it,” Amar pleaded.
“Antony Namboothiri, son of the one and only Brahmadattan Namboothiri,” Akbar announced.
“Bloody hell…! You two are fakes!” Amar cried.
“Amar, my friend, you are the true original,” Antony said.
“Always Amar the low caste,” Akbar said.
“I am not,” Amar protested.
“Yes, you are, yes, you are…” Antony chanted.
The three threw vada with chutney on top at each other.

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