Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saving The Address Book

The message was:
Save your contacts.
I scrolled through memories,
Paused and thought.

A school-teacher,
Will she remember?
She shook her head,
The last time, resigned.

A childhood friend,
I tried calling,
His number’s changed,
Not due to me.

The plumber, the electrician,
The rubber trader, isn’t he dead?
Didn’t he hang his head with shame?
He had a nice family I envied.

Ah, she! I still have her message.
Curt: Thank you for lunch
Nice meeting you and…Delete!
That was the end of the end.

Relatives, delete! Best friends,
In school, in college, here, abroad, 
They are all there. They will say:
Man, long time, keep in touch, man!

I pressed delete. It asked:
Do you want to delete? No.
I pressed delete all. It did not ask.
They will have to save me, man!

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